Friday, December 25, 2009

Things that eat up time

Atmel's AT42QT2160 uses a 28-lead QFN/MLF package. The datasheet for this part doesn't have package dimensions! So I searched around and found that their ATmega168PA/328P also comes in the same package. But that datasheet has dimensions for for a 20-pin QFN (which the 168P does not even come in). Thanks Atmel, you are a ton of help today.

So after wasting time searching, I'm stuck calculating what I hope are the 28-pin package dimensions, and if I'm wrong, eventually I'll be wasting a LOT of time redesigning my board.


Clark said...

The package dimensions are on Page 46 of the latest datasheet on the Atmel website. Section 10.6 of the AT42QT20160 datasheet.

SiliconFarmer said...

Foxit just shows a blank page. I will check it out using Adobe.

Thanks for the heads up!